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💕 NEW!! Free shipping on orders of £60 💕
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 Do you love cool slogan sweats and tees which are made from premium fabrics? So do I! You're in the right place.


But what does "Good Things for Good People" actually mean?

In a nutshell, it is about wearing stylish slogans to make you smile and celebrate the beautifully imperfect humans we all are. Reclaiming the so-called "negative" words, and making them into a Good Thing. 

It all started with a colleague at work years ago ... he sneered at me one day and said "you're such a dreamer". He didn't mean it as a compliment, and I felt the weight of shame bearing down on me.

Years later, I got to thinking about all the labels which are placed on us, by others, by society, or even by ourselves. I decided to take ownership of some of these words.

Words like:

  • Dreamer
  • Lazy
  • Workaholic (yes, apparently it is possible to be both lazy and a workaholic, and to beat yourself up for both of these things 🙄 )
  • Feminist
  • Stay at home mum
  • Working mum
  • Single mum

And so the list goes on ...

Because actually, all of these words are really about our passions and our superpowers - things we should be celebrating!

🤩  Without the dreamers, who would change the world?

🤩  Without the feminists, where would women be? (And yes there is far more work to be done there, which is exactly why this is still relevant).

🤩  Without the mums of all varieties, who would be raising the next generation, starting businesses, home schooling, and keeping the homes running?

My mission is to get all of us to embrace, and own, all of our superpowers. To live unapologetically as ourselves.

So, next time someone sneeringly throws down an insult, smile with grace and thank them, because they have seen something in you which is part of what makes you so special!







So ... back to the garments. 

They are all:

  • made from organic cotton and recycled materials
  • designed and printed to order, for you, in the UK
  • exclusively available online
  • super cool
  • guaranteed to provoke smiles

I hope you will love wearing them, and I can't wait to see you share your photos online!

Susie xx